Does Size Matter?

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me please set the context of this post.

I am hereby making a post here about the current fever that has gripped much of the world, yes the world!

No prizes for guessing what I am talking about. Apologies firstly to the non-fans.

Back to the topic as per title then.

I am referring to the skills required of course. Look at the little man – whasshisname.

(Stop threatening to stone me for not knowing his name!) I am not sure how his name is pronounced, but I am told that he is the best footballer (soccer player) in the world today. His name is spelt Messi. He looks like a dwarf amongst the athletic giants in today’s games.

But what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for by his incredible skill and speed. Size does not matter and he does not need hgh (human growth hormone for the unaware). Some sports experts who have watched him closely have declared that in one single movement he can do six different motions at the same time! (Sorry I don’t quite know how that works, but this is what I am told)

Alas, we shall not see his dazzling style for this season anymore….

Shall I post about this four-yearly craze again I wonder….

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