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It’s Relative


Recently a relative of mine in a not-too-distant country lamented that it is cruel to have to wake up at 6am in the morning.

We replied that we did that on a regular basis here.

This relative replied that she had to do it daily.

So did we, came our reply.

But, says she, did we ever have to get up on a cold winter morning when the warm bed aka a refuge and comfort beckoned, yea, even protested, at the very thought of leaving it?

Ahh, we said, we did, referring to our stint in England.

To which she squealed, “It’s all very relative isn’t it!”

And she is absolutely right!

The truth be told though, I still remember the ring of the alarm clock and followed by having to stick a foot out from under the covers to brave the wintry weather. It was not something I relished at all.

Living as I do in the tropics now, I am so glad I need not endure such torture anymore. No more stoking furnace filters, no more getting all dirty and sooty, no more meters to feed, no more wondering if the cold snap would clear today, tonight or tomorrow.

Now, with every dawn comes the warmth of impending sunshine, starting with a comfortable 20 degree coolness of morning dew and mists.

Yes, waking up at 6am now is not torturous. In fact it’s a delight to be able see the break of dawn.

It is, as we told our distant family member, all very relative really, dear relative.

Keeping Well


I went with a friend to see a Doctor friend, taking the opportunity to bring my son’s x-rays with me. I wanted to take a photo of his fractured jaw. He was healed of it, you see. (Read more about it at this site)

While at the clinic, we met another friend. She was limping as she walked towards a seat in the waiting room. As I greeted her, I saw her son. Raising a quizzical eyebrow at him got me the answer to my unspoken question.

She broke her toe. The other end of the body almost.

And it seemed so easily done. She wasn’t in some extreme sport or did something violent. She just kicked something and that was it. Crack!

I couldn’t help but think about how contrasting the two fractures were.

And about how if she had been taking some supplements or womens vitamins that perhaps she could have avoided this painful incident….