Keeping Well

I went with a friend to see a Doctor friend, taking the opportunity to bring my son’s x-rays with me. I wanted to take a photo of his fractured jaw. He was healed of it, you see. (Read more about it at this site)

While at the clinic, we met another friend. She was limping as she walked towards a seat in the waiting room. As I greeted her, I saw her son. Raising a quizzical eyebrow at him got me the answer to my unspoken question.

She broke her toe. The other end of the body almost.

And it seemed so easily done. She wasn’t in some extreme sport or did something violent. She just kicked something and that was it. Crack!

I couldn’t help but think about how contrasting the two fractures were.

And about how if she had been taking some supplements or womens vitamins that perhaps she could have avoided this painful incident….

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