Upcoming Challenge

I am preparing myself mentally for this challenge coming up. The 7K Charity Sunset Run! It’s an annual affair. This year is its 10th…. but my first!

It’s in aid of thalassaemia sufferers. Also known as Cooley’s Anaemia, it is a genetic abnormality in the blood…. go check it out more.

Here’s the route. Looks good on paper, doesn’t it.

Problem is, I haven’t been exercising. Not for six months and more. No gym. No swimming pool. No long strenuous walks. No serious workouts. I wonder how I will fare.

Hence my mental preparation. I have decided that whilst I might not have the physical fitness of some others I know, I will nonetheless aim to complete!

Oh, and did I mention that my Arrows #1 and #3 will be taking part too? Momma’s going to go as far as possible with them before they leave her behind!

Or more likely, they will hang back for as long as possible with Momma before their hormones kick in and they just have to run ahead!

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