A Boost of Self-Esteem Needed

I want to scream with frustration.

But I think I will laugh instead.

We met someone recently. He’s middle aged, and I suppose he is in mid-life crisis right now. His self esteem is so low that almost every other sentence spoken was one of self-derision. Initially, Hubby and I smiled and tried to balance what he said about himself, thinking that life couldn’t possibly be THAT bad.

Well, we were only partially right. Life wasn’t really that bad. But it WAS that bad, to him.

We parted ways, leaving Hubby and I feeling somewhat put off and disturbed by his mental and physical state. It was as if he needed a testosterone boosters that worked. Or SOMETHING that worked!

That night, I cuddled up to my Hubby feeling extra thankful to God for him. Hubby’s emotions are steady like a rock – he sails through life, and midlife crisis is not in his vocabulary. He simply does not know what it is!

I wonder what can we do to help this friend….

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