More on Miracles

Remember this post about wishing you miracles?

Well, here’s an interesting one.

Did you know my first Arrow had broken his jaw?

I kid you not. Here is the lateral view of the x-ray taken. The arrow points to the fractured part.

Here is another view. The frontal one.

And here are two sites about how he was healed – without surgical intervention! Doctors who saw the x-ray exclaimed at how this could be healed without any help. Well, the help came indeed! In supernatural form!

Which is why I am posting this now…..

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3 Responses to “More on Miracles”

  1. M Chen Says:

    You mean that doctors said that it can be healed without any help at all?


    • Metamor4sis Says:

      The doctors said that this sort of injury was not possible to have healed without medical/surgical intervention – it should have required surgery! It’s a miracle that none was required!


  2. M Chen Says:

    Ah, that sentence was not so clear.


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