From One Thing to Another

Oh dear. From backache to potential toothache. What a quandary I appear to be getting into. I can’t help but wonder how come I have suddenly been inflicted with a series of setbacks to my general health. Rather annoying.

Old age, someone said.

In my mind, I don’t feel old. I think I have been revived in my mental agility and ability. In fact, I find my short-term memory better than before.

But now it’s my body that seems to be the problem. It complains too much. From one little ache to another till it growls with the increasing power till it becomes an unavoidable crescendo.

No, I don’t take any painkillers. Not even paracetamol.

As my Japanese-American friend based in Singapore would say, “What to dooooo?”

Hmmm…. stay tuned for another installment!

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