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Jekyll and Hyde


I hadn’t realised what a difference it would make.

Someone did mention it, but as usual, I dismissed it.

With hindsight, I realise it’s been a while since I had done anything about it.

And with hindsight, I realise that I was getting desperate without being aware of it.

Was I in denial?


It doesn’t matter. Today is a total reversal of the last few days.

I am a new person.

I can think straighter. I kept forgetting things.

I can see clearer. I was almost living from moment to moment.

I am revived. I kept flagging so much before.

I am stronger. I was fearful before.

And all because I had eight and a half hours of sleep last night.

On the Home Front


Things have been quiet in the house of late. All through the first year we worked on getting the ground floor in shipshape. Now, if I might say so, I think the ground floor is pretty presentable. Visitors who come say they like it, they feel comfortable, and we have had numerous gatherings.

Then as we were turning our focus to the first floor, I started my job(s). Since then we have been living with second pieces of furniture being occasionally moved around to try to create better atmosphere. There just hasn’t been time to do much otherwise.

Take the bathrooms for instance. Do you know that none of the bathroom upstairs have mirrors? I kid you not. No mirrors, or even decent places to hang your towels. I really need to pay a visit to get some bathroom accessories some time.We seem to be having more guests of late. Having second beds, tables and chairs is still manageable. But it would be nice for them to have something to leave their toiletries on!

The Neither-This-Nor-That Cafe


We were driving around in this city we were visiting. Just looking at the sights and trying to get a feel of the city…

When this caught our eye.

I have heard of 20-20 but to name anything 50-50? That just doesn’t sound right!

Worse still, at a glance, it looked like So-So. A so-so cafe.

I think the person who thought up the name needs to have his brain checked.

As for the person (owner) who agreed to it, he ought to be certified!

Unadulterated Beauty


I went for a few days’ break. Hopped on the plane and flew for an hour and reached a city nearby.

When I say “city” do you imagine high rise buildings and being stuck on streets with cars a-bumper-to-bumper, surrounded by toxic fumes? Do you visualize me being stressed from having to navigate the human and mechanical jams? Are you “seeing” people rushing here and there, barely avoiding each other, but certainly not looking at one another as they try to make their appointments?

Well let me tell you, this city is nothing like it.

What I had instead was good company, good food, good fun, good weather, good lessons, good sharing, good rest, good break.

And this.

This was the sunset at the beach taken on the second day we were there. I kid you not. I did not photoshop or edit this photo in any way. Snapped, downloaded and voila!

Yes, I live in a beautiful land.

Let me know if you want to visit.

Warranty Guarantee


So we are on holiday.

One of the group on holiday with us owns an iPhone.

Yes, just as the title of this post indicates, the iPhone gave problems. This gadget is only a few months old. So needless to say, the owner was rather upset. It wasn’t just that the new phone was faulty. I t was also because there was important information he needed access to. I can still see the horror on his face when it wouldn’t do what he wanted it to!

At the end of the day however, it does not matter how it broke down but the lesson is one must have an iphone warranty.

Don’t worry. This story has a good ending.

Yes, he got a new iPhone.

What to Wear?


Here I am, about to go away for a few days. I throw open the wardrobe and look at the things hanging there and wonder to myself what I ought to bring with me.

And as usual I turn to my Hubby and say “I have nothing to wear”!

That’s when Hubby shared a theory he heard the other day

When a woman says “I have nothing to wear” it means she has nothing suitable to wear.

When men say “I have nothing to wear” they mean they have nothing clean to wear!

After a chuckle, I realised that truth be told, women’s apparel is multi-million dollar industry and despite a wardrobe full of colourful garments of all sorts, women in general struggle to pack for a few days’ trip!

Well, I have decided that on this trip that I go away, I will pack simple and when I reach my destination, I will shop!I intend to replenish my wardrobe!

Writing Well, Making Macau


He writes well. I knew that.Take this article. Written a few years ago, whilst under exam pressure. I still think this is a classic.

It is with deep joy then that I read this article.

Well written, yes. But also putting his writing skill to good work! He wrote this in one sitting.

Can’t read it well? Here’s another post of it.

And yes, if you are interested to be part of this, please feel free to contact me. Soon.


Near Accident


We stay in a cul-de-sac. Everyone knows everyone along this bit of the road. We have had community barbeques and gatherings. What’s more, two of the houses are occupied by siblings. As such, they are close knit.

So close knit, in fact, that the men in the house often have recreation together after dinner. They would change into their gear, strap their helmets on, and be out of the gates in a flash – on their bicycles! They join a group of similar aged men who congregate at the bottom of the road where we live. They always seem so well equipped but with no where to g… they seem to just sit there. Perhaps the 1km ride back to the house is enough exercise for the siblings?

Anyway, recently, one of the siblings was involved in a near accident. His light somehow failed – a most unusual thing to happen. The road, being somewhat windy, obscured the car driver’s view. Just as well he was not traveling alone! At such times, one would be thankful for bright lights. Lights, such as spotlights. Lights similar to brinkmann q beam ones. Now, THAT would be a life-saver and give plenty of exercise due to its weight and size!

Spying Eye


Recently the view from my balcony has been unobstructed.

By that, I mean that the huge tree that hid us from the neighbours below has been chopped down.

I am so upset by this I am not even taking a photo to show you the nakedness of the area. It’s ghastly.

Not only is it an eyesore to be able to see so much, THEY can also see me now! That’s almost too much to bear! My privacy!

The only advantage I can see is that I don’t need to use binoculars to get a good view! Ahem!

Getting Around


During our recent small group gathering, we discussed stereotyping.

Wait a minute. Let’s go back a little. Did I tell you I am part of a group who meet weekly? No? Well, our small group focuses on marriage and along the way, also discuss parenting. Anyway, the topic moved to how men and women are perceived e.g.  how man generally don’t like to be told what to do! There is a phrase – “A man never asks for direction”.

Then a smart Alec chipped in and said they would never need to with the invention of GPS!

Of course, that started the men off on a tangent! They decided to focus on gps because men love gadgets! (Another stereo typing?) They dug out their smartphones and showed how good they were.

We realised however that there are so many types of gps available it is good to go look at some gps reviews before buying one. Otherwise you’d end up with a toy that doesn’t work as well as it ought. Somewhat like ending up in a place that you ought not because you didn’t ask for directions….