Yummy Food

No, not the fried chicken stuff for me.

Not even the pizzas will tempt me!

Ah, forget the chicken rice!

I look away with disdain when given desserts!

Instead, give me the greens! Especially these!

And of course green should be complemented with the reds!

Ahhhh what a feast!

What’s that? Do I hear you say you think I’ve lost my senses? Why, whatever would make you say that? Surely you do not doubt the sincerity of my words! What audacity!

For your information, I adore cucumbers! Cold. Straight as is. With or without the centres. Pickled. Served with other foods. Unseasoned. With the skin. Without the skin. However cucumber can be served. Just as long as it’s not bitter. Which, by the way, can be determined if you choose the big-bottomed ones. (Yes, it is good to be big bottomed for a change!)

As for the tomatoes… Well, they don’t exactly make my top ten list always, but when you are about to embark on a diet, it doesn’t hurt to be enthusiastic. Get my drift?

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