Getting Around

During our recent small group gathering, we discussed stereotyping.

Wait a minute. Let’s go back a little. Did I tell you I am part of a group who meet weekly? No? Well, our small group focuses on marriage and along the way, also discuss parenting. Anyway, the topic moved to how men and women are perceived e.g.  how man generally don’t like to be told what to do! There is a phrase – “A man never asks for direction”.

Then a smart Alec chipped in and said they would never need to with the invention of GPS!

Of course, that started the men off on a tangent! They decided to focus on gps because men love gadgets! (Another stereo typing?) They dug out their smartphones and showed how good they were.

We realised however that there are so many types of gps available it is good to go look at some gps reviews before buying one. Otherwise you’d end up with a toy that doesn’t work as well as it ought. Somewhat like ending up in a place that you ought not because you didn’t ask for directions….

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