Near Accident

We stay in a cul-de-sac. Everyone knows everyone along this bit of the road. We have had community barbeques and gatherings. What’s more, two of the houses are occupied by siblings. As such, they are close knit.

So close knit, in fact, that the men in the house often have recreation together after dinner. They would change into their gear, strap their helmets on, and be out of the gates in a flash – on their bicycles! They join a group of similar aged men who congregate at the bottom of the road where we live. They always seem so well equipped but with no where to g… they seem to just sit there. Perhaps the 1km ride back to the house is enough exercise for the siblings?

Anyway, recently, one of the siblings was involved in a near accident. His light somehow failed – a most unusual thing to happen. The road, being somewhat windy, obscured the car driver’s view. Just as well he was not traveling alone! At such times, one would be thankful for bright lights. Lights, such as spotlights. Lights similar to brinkmann q beam ones. Now, THAT would be a life-saver and give plenty of exercise due to its weight and size!

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