What to Wear?

Here I am, about to go away for a few days. I throw open the wardrobe and look at the things hanging there and wonder to myself what I ought to bring with me.

And as usual I turn to my Hubby and say “I have nothing to wear”!

That’s when Hubby shared a theory he heard the other day

When a woman says “I have nothing to wear” it means she has nothing suitable to wear.

When men say “I have nothing to wear” they mean they have nothing clean to wear!

After a chuckle, I realised that truth be told, women’s apparel is multi-million dollar industry and despite a wardrobe full of colourful garments of all sorts, women in general struggle to pack for a few days’ trip!

Well, I have decided that on this trip that I go away, I will pack simple and when I reach my destination, I will shop!I intend to replenish my wardrobe!

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