Unadulterated Beauty

I went for a few days’ break. Hopped on the plane and flew for an hour and reached a city nearby.

When I say “city” do you imagine high rise buildings and being stuck on streets with cars a-bumper-to-bumper, surrounded by toxic fumes? Do you visualize me being stressed from having to navigate the human and mechanical jams? Are you “seeing” people rushing here and there, barely avoiding each other, but certainly not looking at one another as they try to make their appointments?

Well let me tell you, this city is nothing like it.

What I had instead was good company, good food, good fun, good weather, good lessons, good sharing, good rest, good break.

And this.

This was the sunset at the beach taken on the second day we were there. I kid you not. I did not photoshop or edit this photo in any way. Snapped, downloaded and voila!

Yes, I live in a beautiful land.

Let me know if you want to visit.


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