On the Home Front

Things have been quiet in the house of late. All through the first year we worked on getting the ground floor in shipshape. Now, if I might say so, I think the ground floor is pretty presentable. Visitors who come say they like it, they feel comfortable, and we have had numerous gatherings.

Then as we were turning our focus to the first floor, I started my job(s). Since then we have been living with second pieces of furniture being occasionally moved around to try to create better atmosphere. There just hasn’t been time to do much otherwise.

Take the bathrooms for instance. Do you know that none of the bathroom upstairs have mirrors? I kid you not. No mirrors, or even decent places to hang your towels. I really need to pay a visit to get some bathroom accessories some time.We seem to be having more guests of late. Having second beds, tables and chairs is still manageable. But it would be nice for them to have something to leave their toiletries on!


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