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Noisy Neighbours


It’s not their fault I suppose. They need to work. The house next door has been bought. It’s only fair that the new owners want to make adjustments. I’ve been inside, and I know they really ought to make adjustments.

The only problem is the noise. The workers tend to start early because by midday the sun comes up and it gets very hard to work. Being normally an early riser, I don’t usually mind.

Of late, however, I have such late nights that I have looked forward to a lie-in. The slightest sound seems to come from just outside my window. That makes me jump. It’s times like these my mind goes towards methods and aids to sleep… such as sleeping pills. I can’t help but wonder if they would help in such situations.

The alternative would be to change rooms for now….!

Therapy for a Hot Day


Blistering. Talk about global warming. It can be so hot that your skin pricks!

Most times, I will hibernate in the office, with the air-conditioner going full blast …. thereby adding to global warming, yes I know. To heat, add guilt!

When that happens, my thought inevitably turn to another guilt-inciting indulgence. Ice kacang. Or more affectionately known, ABC.

This delightful, icy, sweet-ish, delicacy is sometimes referred to as a drink, but has so many other ingredients, it could also pass off as food! Jellies, green worms (I don’t know the English equivalent to “cendol” – is there one?), peanuts, cream style sweet corn…. topped with sweet syrup and voila!

Such a delight! Makes me want to go out and get one – NOW

The Sound of Music


I looooove music! My range of taste covers from golden oldies till some of the current ones. I can’t stand noisy songs, and appreciate songs with good lyrics mostly.

One of my favourite past-times is to listen to good, live music. It need not be a concert or special event. It could just be a visitor who came by and tinkled the ivories while waiting for dinner or dessert. Yes, I enjoy live music.

Imagine my delight then when beautiful melodies and harmonies could be distinctively heard in our office!

I ran to the front door, threw it open and looked down (we’re on the third level)

What a glorious sight!

A professional vocal trainer and his team of violinists warming up for the evening’s programme. Oh, did I forget to mention that my office is located in a five-star hotel?Anyway, there he was, freshly flown in from England, going through the paces with the young performers of the music schools he’s been seconded to.

What joy. Absolute delight.

I went down towards the end of their rehearsal/warm up to chat with him, and to encourage him to do it more often!

Another Request Another Regret


It just came –

Another dinner invitation.

That means another meal.

Which translates to mean another session of calorie intake.

Inevitably that leads to another morning after of regret.

And it’s not even Christmas yet!

I must find the best way to lose weight quickly so I can accept these invitations lest I offend some people by having to turn them down or be seen not to enjoy their food when I do attend!

The Menace of Migraine


It is something of concern.

One morning, when I went to see why she was slow to get up for school, I saw Arrow #3 still lying in bed, holding the side of her head with one hand and clasping her pillow with the other.

“What’s happened?” I remember asking and trying to keep the anxiety cum frustration out of my voice.

She had mumbled something.

I went closer, “WHAT?” I recall feeling my heart rate rise.

“My head hurts”

Now, when your normally chirpy, happy-g0-lucky child tells you that he/she has a headache,  you take note.

With my nursing background, I had sat down beside her and went through some questions.

The long and short of it is that Arrow #3 had migraine that day.

But that was not the end of it. She has since suffered from bouts of it on and off. We still haven’t found the cause but are glad that there is migraine relief available. It’s amazing how debilitating this condition can be.

And frustrating.

Earning Extra


My friend L is ecstatic! She’s just been able to get herself a brand new camera from her earnings. Please don’t ask me what the make or specifications of the camera are because I am not into this sort of thing and didn’t bother to ask!

What I DID ask was how she did it. L doesn’t go out to work and has young children to care for. Her husband, whilst earning a decent wage, doesn’t have spare cash to get “extras” that cost so much. So obviously I wanted to know how she managed to beg, steal, borrow the Vitamin M (did you know there was a Vitamin M? M stands for money!)

It turns out that she has become an affiliate to some sort of online networking where she promotes products and gets paid for it. Not bad, considering she has now earned enough for what we would describe as a “changgih” camera. (There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent word in English!)

Now, if I had the time, I might just follow suit…. Anyone else interested?



After all that skin-erupting from peanut-stuffing, I realise that I have really been abusing my body. Sometimes I feel so lethargic! I have caught myself sitting at the table and falling asleep whilst typing in mid-sentence! (I hope my boss doesn’t read my site!)

Someone suggested that I could do with colon cleansing. I looked up some colon cleanse reviews to get some ideas and what I read makes me think. I just might explore this somewhat yucky topic further… although Hubby can’t see what good there can be to stuff things up the other (unnatural) end!

Microwaved Peanuts


Peanuts. The normal variety. Small. Brown-skinned.

Many ways of cooking them. Boil. Fry in oil. And my favourite? Dry fried.

What is dry fried? It’s when you toss the whole lot into the wok and stir fry it over low heat. No oil.

Then you take them out and remove the skin when cooled.

This is super yummy.

I asked someone to help me do that the other day.

But she didn’t fry it long enough and it came out uncooked. Alas, she took the skins off anyway.

So to redeem this, I micowaved them.

Stuck them into a covered glass bowl and popped them into the microwave oven for two minutes.

Took them out, shook them about in the bowl and stuck them back in for another minute.

Then repeated the process one more time and voila!


Only one problem. I ate so much, I had a tummy upset. And worse? My skin erupted. The Asians call it being heaty.

Now I am looking around for the best acne treatment. Any suggestions anyone?



I know! It’s supposed to be sunny, tropical climate Malaysia that I live in!

But the past few days have been rainy and more rainy. When the wind blows through my house, it’s been downright chilly! Last night, when we had our usual gathering, we didn’t even turn on the air-conditioner. It was just too cold. One of the members remarked that instead of the cooling-down system we should be looking at electric fireplaces instead… which is not a bad idea really!

Of course, my daughter thinks it’s great – she can snuggle up under the blankets and snooze away….

The plus, or minus, of staying in a house on a hill surrounded by trees…. Brrrr!

Ideas for Ideal Gifts


We have just received an invitation to a house warming. How nice. Friends just down the road finally moved in.

The only problem is, this is a family who are very well off. I mean VERY well off. It’s going to be a challenge to get something nice and suitable for them, and yet within my budget!

Then a mutual friend suggested a wall gallery frame set, which seems a good idea really. I will need to peek to see the colour scheme and then find a way to make it personal. Alternatively, I could give them a puppy – my colleague is giving one away!