Time Passes Slowly

I sit here in quietness. Lovely place. Comfortable surroundings. Excellent facilities. Superb systems. Efficient styles. So many details have been thought through.

The people are warm; their hospitality second to none. Every detail is worked out. They truly go out of their way the second and yes, even the third mile. Their eyes meet yours when they say “Welcome”; their handshakes are firm and genuine. The concern for us never comes across as insincere. Their smiles reach their eyes. What a wonderful people.

New friendships made are going to be lasting. Connections secured are going to be fruitful. Lessons learns will be applied. These I know and I am thankful. We have been well fed spiritually and physically.

But now I find myself counting the hours.

My heart is not here. Perhaps it never was. I never did have it here. It is only now that I permit myself to look ahead to the time to leave. Perhaps subconsciously this was in my mind even when I arrived…..

Yesterday many people asked when my flight was. I found myself unable to answer. It was as if I didn’t want to say it – it seemed so late; so distant. Of course I knew what time it was. I have written and typed it down so many times. How could I forget?

Yet, I found myself unable to say it.

It was as if by saying it, I would remind myself of how many more hours there were in between, before I made moves to go to the airport.

And so I wait.

Even now I still wait.

And time seems to pass by so slowly as I sit and wait…..

I want to go home.

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