Microwaved Peanuts

Peanuts. The normal variety. Small. Brown-skinned.

Many ways of cooking them. Boil. Fry in oil. And my favourite? Dry fried.

What is dry fried? It’s when you toss the whole lot into the wok and stir fry it over low heat. No oil.

Then you take them out and remove the skin when cooled.

This is super yummy.

I asked someone to help me do that the other day.

But she didn’t fry it long enough and it came out uncooked. Alas, she took the skins off anyway.

So to redeem this, I micowaved them.

Stuck them into a covered glass bowl and popped them into the microwave oven for two minutes.

Took them out, shook them about in the bowl and stuck them back in for another minute.

Then repeated the process one more time and voila!


Only one problem. I ate so much, I had a tummy upset. And worse? My skin erupted. The Asians call it being heaty.

Now I am looking around for the best acne treatment. Any suggestions anyone?

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