Therapy for a Hot Day

Blistering. Talk about global warming. It can be so hot that your skin pricks!

Most times, I will hibernate in the office, with the air-conditioner going full blast …. thereby adding to global warming, yes I know. To heat, add guilt!

When that happens, my thought inevitably turn to another guilt-inciting indulgence. Ice kacang. Or more affectionately known, ABC.

This delightful, icy, sweet-ish, delicacy is sometimes referred to as a drink, but has so many other ingredients, it could also pass off as food! Jellies, green worms (I don’t know the English equivalent to “cendol” – is there one?), peanuts, cream style sweet corn…. topped with sweet syrup and voila!

Such a delight! Makes me want to go out and get one – NOW

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