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We are still on appearances. The third of this trilogy.

You see, for us folks living in tropical Asia, we are naturally tanned. Comes with the territory – we get so much sun.

However we have quite a few European Caucasians friends who come visit during winter seasons there. Like many others who visit this part of the world, they would arrive looking are pale and almost whitewashed.

But before they can get their obligatory tan under the sun, by the beach or the resort swimming pool, they will be looking to get their hands on the best tanning lotions possible to hide under!

Now why is it that those of us who live in this part of the world turn to whitening agents and hide from the sun…..?

It’s a funny world we live in.

The Other Star


All that talk about CSI and appearances in my last post…. It made me think about the other actor. You know, the one with the low voice and is some sort of award winner. Well, truth be told, I don’t think he acts that well so apart from his voice, I don’t really understand how he got such high rating. I think he’s a pale shadow to Grissom (pun not intended)

But I digress.

I wanted to focus on his face. Fellow CSI followers would know what I mean when I say he defies most stars on the screen. He’s not at all the classic smooth skinned, rugged male hero. On the contrary, his face looks like… ummm… you know…. like he ought to have had some form of treatment for acne or something.

I suppose that’s true to life – the real life heroes aren’t always the best-looking, the tallest, the strongest, the nattiest. Often, they are ordinary, compassionate, gentle (or uncouth even) who capture your heart with their personalities which by far make up for any mark, scar, deformity and impediment. Those are my kind of stars….

Unforgiving HD


I have to giggle. And then commiserate.

You see, I was watching an episode of CSI on High Definition TV.

Well, high definition is high definition indeed. My goodness! I could see the wrinkles on Marq Helgenberger’s face! Even my Hubby commented on them! (Hence this post!) We all age, but the lines on her face are quite disconcerting when the rest of her face seems so smooth. It makes me wonder if she has been given the best night cream or a poor substitute! Or did the makeup artist take a day off….

Warrants a Warranty


Hubby is fuming. He is frustrated. He is almost foaming at the mouth.

He’s been given an iPad and HAS to use it for his work.

I can hear some of you going, “WHAAAAAT?!” thinking that he must be nuts to complain.

This is his take on this, this, this thing!

“What do you do when you have to use the pernicious iPad? It is neither here nor there. It cost as must as a reasonable notebook but it can do half as much! It is not light as it is tiring in holding onto it for more than a few minutes while reading, if you use it as a ebook reader! You cannot play flash videos. You cannot multi task! The last bit is most annoying as when you are down loading something you cannot do anything else. If the download last 30 minutes you have to wait, whistle or simply throw the iPad against the wall in anger!”

I have to chuckle, and at the same time I wonder whether his ipad warranty covers violent destruction?

A Sad Day


I have played the guitar on and off since I was 17 years old. Along the way, I obtained this super Ovation guitar. Those in the know would appreciate that name/brand.

It’s been with me since 1996. That’s a good 14 years. Last year I had to send it to West Malaysia for fixing up. It was rather bashed about because I had young enthusiastic Arrows in the house who didn’t quite know how to care for it. When it came back, the sound was never really the same but I still loved it.

Then recently I was asked to play in a meeting. What joy it was (unlike the previous time where I was so stressed!) I felt freedom to play after the initial feeling my way around. I found myself relaxing and getting into it. Nice.

That was a week ago.

Then a few days ago, a friend picked it up again, out of its case and wanted to play it.

To my horror, I found that the body had cracked open! Furthermore, the body itself had cracked in parts…. see arrows.

This is somewhat sad news. I really like this guitar. And at my age, I don’t fancy spending much money on another piece like this or similar.

Earlier I asked a friend who owns a music shop and does repairs. He is not prepared to attempt repairing it.

So I have decided that I will stick it back together myself, regardless of the sound! I am not prepared to lose it just yet!

A Sign of Busy-ness


It’s been a packed few days. So packed indeed. So busy until I have not had time to check mail.

And look what the result of that is!

Yes, you read right – over 2000 messages in my Yahoo email account alone. That is certainly a record for me.

I think in part, this was because of some enthusiastic social networking friends of mine – I get email notifications you see.

But still, don’t you think over 2000 is somewhat excessive? Haha!

Help Wanted Help Offered


I hadn’t realised how much red tape was involved!

My girlfriend who lives in the States told me about the runaround she had just to get some Social Security benefits. What added to the complication was that she was after disability insurance for her daughter who has been diagnosed as having Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I am glad to say that there was help available to plough through the form filling and bureaucracy bashing for just a small fee. Needless to say that she did just that and is now a lot more assured.

Amazingly I found out that you can contact some of these companies here in my town too! That’s important to note as I wouldn’t know when I might need such help….

Withstanding All


After all that earlier posting about building and renovations, some friends drew our attention to a new type of building. Have you ever heard of a metal building? Immediately I imagined tin-can-like structures! Haha!

Turns out however, that they can be quite tastefully done. What’s more, they are very strong structures able to withstand many natural forces like blizzards and the like. On top of that, apparently they are easy to erect, and quickly too! Costs will certainly be cut down.

I wonder if they would take the monsoon weather here? It would be interesting to see if there will be any rhythm played on the roof when the rains hit….

He Makes Me Laugh


Hubby and I have just come back from the gym/pool. Of late, he goes to the gym and I go to the pool. The former because he doesn’t like the water and can’t swim well, for latter because I felt a need for a change and the weather has been wonderfully hot.

Whilst we are working out, our muscles are all warmed up and relaxed, we feel somewhat invincible… and young!

When we get home and indoors, we start feeling our age.

Just now, I sat on the floor without thinking twice but felt absolutely ancient as I slowly extended my legs to stand up. “Would my legs support me?” I wondered.

Hubby laughed but felt worse when he tried to shift the stool aside where our daughter had left it. He felt like rigor mortis had set in!

He then announced, “We need casters on these things!”

Can you imagine the sight? One touch and oops! There goes your cup of tea! Another (accidental) nudge and my laptop has slid over to your side, pushing your laptop away as your finger is poised in mid-air. Wait! I hit the Return key too hard and my hand slipped – don’t put your iced drink on my keyboard!

Yes, I could imagine all that and more. I could “see” the events vividly, causing me to dissolve in laughter.

Which made Hubby wonder why I was on the floor when I knew well I would struggle to get up from the floor after collapsing there with laughter….

My Parents Are Coming!


For the second year in a row, my parents will be coming over for Christmas! I am certain it’s because they had such a great time last year.

This year will be super nice because my two older Arrows will also be back for Christmas. A full house! Fun!

Earlier I had thought of going away for a break just before Christmas. Perhaps have some Orlando vacations or somewhere similar. But each time I went online to check for fare and dates, nothing seemed right.

Now I know why I couldn’t make any booking to go – they are all coming here instead!

Counting the days now. But first, a major meeting to tackle…..!