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Bottoms Up!


Just came back from the gym today.

I was inspired to go because of a conversation I had over lunch a few weeks ago.

This person I know will jump on the trampoline at least 3 times a week. Then, of late, she was encouraged to go on the Stair Master.

I find both almost kill me.

But I am inspired to go to the gym nonetheless. Why?

Because she can wear good jeans! And she has a decent bottom! A butt! a derriere! Or whatever you want to call it, she HAS it!

There is something about good fitting jeans and a lady’s pert bottom! Combine both and you will have oohs! and aahs! not only from men but women too. The silent or otherwise appreciative expressions are further enhanced by apple bottoms – the jeans that my friend adores….

Come to think of it, she could even be a model or promoter for them!

As for me, I just want my gluteus maximus to arise!