Sniff Sniff

For no reason at all, we decide to go out for a special dinner. (That’s what makes these sort of dinners special)

In so doing, we ended up in a place where we hardly go to. Pleasant enough.

That is, until the lighters came out. As usual they came out after dinner. That almost ruined the evening for us. I say almost, because most times, we are pretty upbeat people. We were not going to let this pull us down!

Sometimes though, I wonder what would it would be like if I were a man. Would I dare to approach these offending people? If I did, what would the outcome be? If I didn’t, would I dislike myself for being a coward?

Other times, I can’t help but think that cigars such as Rocky Patel are more bearable than general cigarettes! Don’t get me wrong – I think both are unpleasant, not to mention unhealthy. It’s just if there was a comparison that needed to be made….

The end result was smelly clothes, and worse – my newly washed hair! Sniff! Sniff!

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