Christmas List

Despite my earlier post, I must confess to putting a lot of effort into making memories for the family over Christmas.

Over the years, I have collected five huge boxes of decorations – classy blue, white and silver themed ones, and classic red, gold and green themed baubles and tinsel. I even have the “earthy” themes of woven angels, pleated frames, and gunny cloths. I’ll get some photos out for you later

In our previous home, being a smaller place, I would choose which colour theme to feature each year. In our present place, however, almost everything has to come out!

This year will be a wonderful time of family get-together. My parents will be with us, and my two Arrows will be back to join us! Full house!

Because of this being an extra special year, as with each year, when I go and look for one or two items to supplement my every growing collection, I will be more adventurous. This time, I shall get some nice a futon cover to add to the celebratory colours!

Yes, I will take some photos!

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