Shocking Start

Goodness what a start to the day it has been.

I could barely open my right eye. Excruciating pain radiating from my eyeball, or so it seemed. When I stood over the sink to wash my face, preparing to send Arrow #3 to school, I found myself nearly throwing up as I leaned over.

Thoughts raced through my mind – migraine? Tumour? Stoke?

All right, so I am given to exaggeration sometimes. But sometimes is the operative word! You must understand, this was absolutely ghastly and INTENSE and ACUTE pain!  I wanted to curl back into bed, throw the covers over my head and hide away.

Instead, the heroine that I am, I put aside all thoughts of suicide, strokes and sleep, pushed into the deep recesses of my fast-shutting down brain, and looked for the compartment labeled “treatment for migraines“. Somehow, someway, this MUST be treatable!

Of course having Hubby around to drive while I sat in the front passenger seat as usual was most helpful. I could face the morning stoically. Ahem!

To cut the already-long story short, I did crawl back into bed. After sending Arrow #3 off, bring driven around to a few places, I could barely stumble into bed. Thank God there were only 49 steps from the front door to my room!


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