Beyond Me

Yesterday Hubby came home all excited!

I could see it on his face!

I could pick it out from his step!

Even his entire back was not stooped from weariness of work.

SOMETHING had caught his attention and stimulated his mind!

And that something was……

A Forex trading software which was introduced to him by a friend!

Say what?!

Yes, my dear accountancy-trained-but-no-longer-practising  Hubby gets interested in this sort of things – sometimes! Of late, he has been looking into ways to make more money and retire (I wish!) So this would appear to be an answer to prayer!

I didn’t stay up to see him get his eureka after he figured out how it works because all this sort of figures and numbers is beyond me. But I DO hope it WILL work and we can both retire and travel round the world together!

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