Archive for October 20th, 2010

Somewhat Embarrassing


I have been wondering whether to post this or not. It’s not exactly a topic one brings up in a public site.

But then, I thought, why not? Perhaps someone out there could help? After all, it’s not for me! Oh no… Honestly. Just doing someone a favour. Someone who has a somewhat embarrassing condition (chest acne to be precise. Who knows if someone out there could have the answer to help my friend… I could pass the information on to her, even as she stays anonymous.

Time is Short


I have just heard that I have to attend a function in a few weeks’ time. It’s one of those where you are expected to be really spruced up. This makes me even more anxious to get hold of a good abs workout, and soon.

Earlier I went to the walk-in wardrobe and stood there for a good few minutes, trying to decide what to wear. It is really annoying that everything that I could possibly use is just that tad bit tight right now.

Am I regretting the binging I did? Yes, but regrets are not going to help right now….time is short!