Making a Hamper

I had to make get a hamper made up recently. It had to be done quickly too. So I rushed to a shop where I picked out some things I wanted to put together. Things like these little biscuits. I grew up eating them as a child and thought the recipients of the hamper would like them.

I added fruits – soft ones, because I wasn’t sure if these guests would have the teeth to bite into apples and pears. Of course, what hamper would be complete without chocolates.

Grabbing my selections quickly, I took the whole lot to the counter to be made up and to pay.

That’s where things seemed to move in slow motion. The staff took turns to look at the items I selected and talked amongst themselves about how much each would cost. I nearly screamed as I saw the minutes tick away and seemingly nothing being done. Why didn’t they have some sort of barcode scanner and just pointed at some barcodes or something!

Then, after what seemed like an eternity, the owner of the shop came out from the back! What joy!

He took one look at my face and immediately knew what the situation was. Taking over, barking orders left and right and centre, he got my hamper sorted out in no time.

And then I saw the bill. I gulped and coughed up the bills and strode out the door. Mission accomplished so I guess I shouldn’t make a fuss….

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