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The Better Choice


We’ve just come back from a nightcap with some friends. These friends wanted to have some listening ears.

You see, they had their floor tiles removed recently because of bad workmanship. The tiles, too, were not up to scratch. The entire process has been stressful and costly, and they wanted to pour it all out to people who would understand.

And understand we did.

You see, they had put their floor tiles in at the same time we had put our laminate flooring in. What’s more, we had actually gone to see floorings together but they opted for tiles, saying that it was more suited to their lifestyle. Now, two and half years later, they rue their decision.

As we listened to them moaning and groaning, I knew what Hubby was thinking – we definitely made the better choice!


Adding On


Guess what? I had to put together ANOTHER hamper today! No kidding!

This time, I was smarter. I went to another shop to get most of the things I wanted, and then I finished off the shopping at the slow-poke shop. The other reason the second shop was slow was because they only had one set of scales in the food section. That alone slowed things down.

Anyway, I learned my lesson and this is the final product. Considering this is my first real attempt at making a hamper, I am pretty pleased with the results!