He Makes Me Laugh

Hubby and I have just come back from the gym/pool. Of late, he goes to the gym and I go to the pool. The former because he doesn’t like the water and can’t swim well, for latter because I felt a need for a change and the weather has been wonderfully hot.

Whilst we are working out, our muscles are all warmed up and relaxed, we feel somewhat invincible… and young!

When we get home and indoors, we start feeling our age.

Just now, I sat on the floor without thinking twice but felt absolutely ancient as I slowly extended my legs to stand up. “Would my legs support me?” I wondered.

Hubby laughed but felt worse when he tried to shift the stool aside where our daughter had left it. He felt like rigor mortis had set in!

He then announced, “We need casters on these things!”

Can you imagine the sight? One touch and oops! There goes your cup of tea! Another (accidental) nudge and my laptop has slid over to your side, pushing your laptop away as your finger is poised in mid-air. Wait! I hit the Return key too hard and my hand slipped – don’t put your iced drink on my keyboard!

Yes, I could imagine all that and more. I could “see” the events vividly, causing me to dissolve in laughter.

Which made Hubby wonder why I was on the floor when I knew well I would struggle to get up from the floor after collapsing there with laughter….

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