Warrants a Warranty

Hubby is fuming. He is frustrated. He is almost foaming at the mouth.

He’s been given an iPad and HAS to use it for his work.

I can hear some of you going, “WHAAAAAT?!” thinking that he must be nuts to complain.

This is his take on this, this, this thing!

“What do you do when you have to use the pernicious iPad? It is neither here nor there. It cost as must as a reasonable notebook but it can do half as much! It is not light as it is tiring in holding onto it for more than a few minutes while reading, if you use it as a ebook reader! You cannot play flash videos. You cannot multi task! The last bit is most annoying as when you are down loading something you cannot do anything else. If the download last 30 minutes you have to wait, whistle or simply throw the iPad against the wall in anger!”

I have to chuckle, and at the same time I wonder whether his ipad warranty covers violent destruction?

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