The Other Star

All that talk about CSI and appearances in my last post…. It made me think about the other actor. You know, the one with the low voice and is some sort of award winner. Well, truth be told, I don’t think he acts that well so apart from his voice, I don’t really understand how he got such high rating. I think he’s a pale shadow to Grissom (pun not intended)

But I digress.

I wanted to focus on his face. Fellow CSI followers would know what I mean when I say he defies most stars on the screen. He’s not at all the classic smooth skinned, rugged male hero. On the contrary, his face looks like… ummm… you know…. like he ought to have had some form of treatment for acne or something.

I suppose that’s true to life – the real life heroes aren’t always the best-looking, the tallest, the strongest, the nattiest. Often, they are ordinary, compassionate, gentle (or uncouth even) who capture your heart with their personalities which by far make up for any mark, scar, deformity and impediment. Those are my kind of stars….

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