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More Friends Rueing Their Choice


Yesterday it was the floors. You know, friends saying that they wished they had followed suit and used the same type of flooring as we did.

Today, more friends come a-calling, telling us that they wish they had copied our idea! Mind you, we haven’t put patents or copyrights to our designs or eurekas. Most times, we get our inspiration from others and try to improve.

Well, these friends are going on about their wet kitchen now. You see, both they and we have wet and dry kitchens. In my dry kitchen I have the microwave and conventional ovens, my toaster, and other similar electrical equipment. In my wet kitchen however, I have the stoves for frying, griddling, and other “dirtier” forms of cooking. In both, however, I have double sinks. And that’s why my friends are now miserable.

Now, you might wonder what the fuss of a kitchen sink could be. Let me explain. Both our friends and we like to have people over for meals. Both they are we enjoy big groups and small. It’s when the big groups come that things get complicating if you only have a single sink and single drainer.

Things get very complicated and frustrating if you have no household help or cleaner, guests offering to wash up but you only have one sink and drainer.

Need I say more?

The Better Choice


We’ve just come back from a nightcap with some friends. These friends wanted to have some listening ears.

You see, they had their floor tiles removed recently because of bad workmanship. The tiles, too, were not up to scratch. The entire process has been stressful and costly, and they wanted to pour it all out to people who would understand.

And understand we did.

You see, they had put their floor tiles in at the same time we had put our laminate flooring in. What’s more, we had actually gone to see floorings together but they opted for tiles, saying that it was more suited to their lifestyle. Now, two and half years later, they rue their decision.

As we listened to them moaning and groaning, I knew what Hubby was thinking – we definitely made the better choice!

Adding On


Guess what? I had to put together ANOTHER hamper today! No kidding!

This time, I was smarter. I went to another shop to get most of the things I wanted, and then I finished off the shopping at the slow-poke shop. The other reason the second shop was slow was because they only had one set of scales in the food section. That alone slowed things down.

Anyway, I learned my lesson and this is the final product. Considering this is my first real attempt at making a hamper, I am pretty pleased with the results!

Making a Hamper


I had to make get a hamper made up recently. It had to be done quickly too. So I rushed to a shop where I picked out some things I wanted to put together. Things like these little biscuits. I grew up eating them as a child and thought the recipients of the hamper would like them.

I added fruits – soft ones, because I wasn’t sure if these guests would have the teeth to bite into apples and pears. Of course, what hamper would be complete without chocolates.

Grabbing my selections quickly, I took the whole lot to the counter to be made up and to pay.

That’s where things seemed to move in slow motion. The staff took turns to look at the items I selected and talked amongst themselves about how much each would cost. I nearly screamed as I saw the minutes tick away and seemingly nothing being done. Why didn’t they have some sort of barcode scanner and just pointed at some barcodes or something!

Then, after what seemed like an eternity, the owner of the shop came out from the back! What joy!

He took one look at my face and immediately knew what the situation was. Taking over, barking orders left and right and centre, he got my hamper sorted out in no time.

And then I saw the bill. I gulped and coughed up the bills and strode out the door. Mission accomplished so I guess I shouldn’t make a fuss….

What a Bash Up!


I kid you not. My cousin had this awful crash recently.

Amazingly he was able to get out in one piece. Even as I write, he sits in a clinic waiting to be examined.

Shortly after the accident, he began updating us regularly with online postings. However, I noticed that he didn’t seem to have any roadside assistance plan judging by the things he telling and asking us. Hmmm Perhaps he thought he might not need any, seeing that his car is now an absolute wreck?

Brrrr! If I were him, I would have some quick numbers to call there and then. That is, if I had the presence of mind to do so at that time!

Meanwhile, it is waiting time – to get the results of his examination. I do hope he is all right!

Somewhat Embarrassing


I have been wondering whether to post this or not. It’s not exactly a topic one brings up in a public site.

But then, I thought, why not? Perhaps someone out there could help? After all, it’s not for me! Oh no… Honestly. Just doing someone a favour. Someone who has a somewhat embarrassing condition (chest acne to be precise. Who knows if someone out there could have the answer to help my friend… I could pass the information on to her, even as she stays anonymous.

Time is Short


I have just heard that I have to attend a function in a few weeks’ time. It’s one of those where you are expected to be really spruced up. This makes me even more anxious to get hold of a good abs workout, and soon.

Earlier I went to the walk-in wardrobe and stood there for a good few minutes, trying to decide what to wear. It is really annoying that everything that I could possibly use is just that tad bit tight right now.

Am I regretting the binging I did? Yes, but regrets are not going to help right now….time is short!

Flabby Fest


Ahhhh after all that talk about food…. I succumbed and stuffed.

Yes, I stuffed – on chocolate!

But it was sooooo good!

Now, however, I have consequences to pay.

Yes, I am wondering what to do about the flabby tummy I have. After hitting the gym and going to the pool repeatedly, I am still on the lookout for good ab workouts that will help me regain my svelte shape. Right now, I can grab a lot… hmmm let’s not go into too much details….!

There was a Food Fest


Yes there was a Food Fest.

And what a Food Fest.

Many people thronged to see the competitions, especially the drinks making, garnishing and most of all, when they cooked the different parts of the menu. I especially liked the cold dish competition.

Here is where you can see my writeup about it.

WHY am I writing about it?

Because I was searching for some elusive post I made years ago. Before I had this site. I used to write at the other site. Now I see this post, it makes me hungry….

And makes me want to do something about it.

So I post instead of stuff my face!

Beyond Me


Yesterday Hubby came home all excited!

I could see it on his face!

I could pick it out from his step!

Even his entire back was not stooped from weariness of work.

SOMETHING had caught his attention and stimulated his mind!

And that something was……

A Forex trading software which was introduced to him by a friend!

Say what?!

Yes, my dear accountancy-trained-but-no-longer-practising  Hubby gets interested in this sort of things Рsometimes! Of late, he has been looking into ways to make more money and retire (I wish!) So this would appear to be an answer to prayer!

I didn’t stay up to see him get his eureka after he figured out how it works because all this sort of figures and numbers is beyond me. But I DO hope it WILL work and we can both retire and travel round the world together!