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Roped In


The place I work at has been abuzz with practices and hard work. It’s been going on once a week from the middle of September.

With a final dress rehearsal, the entire cast and crew are charged up. Just look at the finale moment of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat to be featured 2nd to 5th December over 5 shows! Cast and crew come up to 170 people.

On the way to the final dress rehearsal, my Boss turns to me suddenly and says, “Would you like to be a School Mistress?” and hands me a piece of paper.

My goodness! He wants me to speak over the microphone and make the announcements and inform the audience of the house rules!

And thus I was roped in to an incredible, memorable event…..Stay tuned for more highlights!

Senses Stimulated


I was supposed to collect some documents.

Before I reached the entrance, I was already impressed by what I saw. Clean, crisp exterior. The glass facade was unstained and obviously of good quality.

I opened the door and immediately two things happened – I heard one of my favorite Christmas carols playing and I detected a lovely fragrance in the air. Lemon grass, I believe it was. This delightful scent wafted around my head, playing hide and seek, one moment there and disappearing at the next. What a lovely greeting.

An interesting display caught my eye as I walked towards the desk to ask for the documents. So this was the source of the aroma!

I made my request and the lady at the desk replied – with crystal like clarity Queen’s English. What joy! She not only spoke good English, she understood and preempted my errand, handing me the documents even before I finished my sentence.

As I took the package, signed for it, it dawned on me that in one short visit, all my five sense had been stimulated! Cleverly done to create the desired atmosphere. An interesting experience and observation worthwhile sharing as I walked the six steps or so back towards the door to leave, pausing only to snap that picture above…..



I am sad.

It’s not often I am sad.

But I am now.

My camera had died.

Well, to be more precise – the LCD display has died. I like my camera. It has been with me for what, two years? I take it everywhere with me. It’s a point-and-shoot one and can zoom in really close to the food I eat, and yet snap a quick one from a distance – when I remember to hold it steady enough. It’s given me such wonderful memories.

And now I cant see to take pictures.

And I can’t decide what to do. Do I replace it? Do I repair it…..

In this time of indecision, I remain sad….



It’s been a little stressful of late. Events happening but I am not at liberty to divulge right now.

What I CAN say is that I am so thankful for the friends we have. I felt somewhat vulnerable and rather uncertain what to do. Hubby was away. I didn’t know what course of action I should take, if any. I started having headaches and I knew I was getting stressed and upset. Needless to say, I did NOT like feeling like that at all!

After prayer, I sent out an email for advice. Almost immediately responses from good friends came. Their actions were firm, decisive and comforting although initially I was uncomfortable with them. The advice given was clear, correct and gave me much comfort. Hubby concurred long distance. What assurance I felt! The stress left. The anxiety lifted. The frown lines receded (a bit difficult to not have SOME lines at my age!)

It is so good to have good friends!

Bursts of Baking


Some days it just happens.

We decide to bake.

And when we do, we really bake. Lots of it. All sorts too.

It can be fun, especially when you have someone else with you.

And the music is blasting away in the background

With not agenda upcoming.

No deadline to meet.

Just bake. I like it – lots!

Quick Fix


Previously when I had problems with this laptop, I was told how much it would cost to fix it. It’s primary problem was the keyboard.

Then after I found out the cost, I was told that it would take weeks before the parts came.

Somewhat discouraged, I decided to pay a small amount and install an external keyboard.

Hence my laptop became a two-layered one.

It worked to a certain extent. If I wanted to plug it into an LCD projector, the external keyboard would not work.

Somewhat frustrating was that I would have to interchange the keyboards just to get some work done.

Then recently I felt it was time to try to resurrect the laptop. It was time to make inquiries into fixing it up again.

Much to my delight, Hubby and I came across a nice place who not only sold the keyboard and was in stock, they changed it there and then and fixed up some other bugs!

So now, my old laptop is almost like new! Yaaaay!



I am lying in bed right now.

It’s not for a good reason.

When I was packing up to go home earlier, I had sudden stomach cramps. I just about made it to the toilet in time before I had a bad case of the runs.

Crawling back home, I tried to be brave and sat up for a bit but succumbed and am now pampering and nursing myself.

Earlier I sent a text out to some of my friends who were at lunch with me to find out if they had the bug as well. I said, “Just wonder did anyone else get diarrhoea today? I’ve just had the runs…. bad one too”.

To which one replied, “Nope been running around in pretty fluid motion but no runs!” Groan! But I did have to smile!

I suppose this is one way to lose weight! Though I’d rather have some phentermine diet pills instead! I feel pretty awful right now. Glad for some rice water to keep me going!

A New Drink


So yesterday I made a new discovery.

Today I make a different but also new discovery.

You know what brocolli is.

You know a smoothie is.

Meet the broccoli smoothie!

And it is surprisingly yummy!

A New Discovery


I have some relatives coming for Christmas. It should be fun, even though one of them has heart problems.

Increasingly cardiovascular problems areĀ plaguing more and more of the western world. Much research is conducted and much money is pumped into the race to cure heart diseases. One of the new things I discovered is something called carnitine. Apparently carnitine supplements is one of the many supplements being used alongside conventional treatment of heart conditions.

I wonder if I need to find out what medications my relative is on. Just in case, you know.

Company Care


Hubby drives what is called an RV – recreational vehicle.

It’s not his choice. It’s what’s given for his use. Sometimes other people use the vehicle too.

It’s a nice vehicle and some would consider it an expensive one. At times, the maintenance is high, but we are thankful for the rv insurance that we have and that we don’t have to pay for all the costs. After all, it’s a company car. The company does care for its staff!

Now I am hoping that it cares enough to give him a long break over Christmas!