Preparing for Christmas

In a few days time, I will be opening up the boxes of Christmas decorations. That’s always leads to a trip down memory lane. One year, it was the baubles. The blue ones. I remember how I got them, those vibrant coloured gems, which began my blue, white and silver collection.

This year, even before opening the boxes, my thoughts turn to the gifts from across the seas.

From young, our first two Arrows were given a stocking each by their Aussie-based aunt. That’s easily over fifteen years ago. Now, they are worn, tattered, soiled and discoloured. Despite their shabby appearance, this year since all the family will be together, I will definitely hang them up in place of pride. But I dont think I will have enough for everyone. I wonder if my parents would like some Applique Velvet Stockings this Christmas….

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