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Healthy and Nice


I have discovered a new thing.

Well, it might not be new to you. It is to me.

I discovered the microwave can do much more than heat and cook meats and vegetables. This wonderful contraption can also do nuts!

I kid you not. My cashew nuts turn out perfect each time!

No added oil. No added salt. No added anything. Just pure, unadulterated cashews.

The best. Yum!

More Tall Tales


Just after I finished posting the last entry, I hear about Malaysia planning to build a 100 storey tall tower!

I have to ask – what is the fascination with tall buildings?!

As an icon it is not tall enough – the Burj in Dubai is much taller. Furthermore, we already have the 88-storied Twin Towers – still the tallest twin towers in the world. I don’t understand why we need to build another skyscraper.

Unless of course, it would create more local jobs … which is rather unlikely as most construction workers and consultants are¬†expatriates!

I shall wait to see how this develops!

Tall Tales


Our foster son is back for holidays. After being away for almost a year, he seems to have shot up to reach the sky! We especially noticed it when he happened to stand next to our third Arrow.

You see, Arrow #3, at 14 is quite petite. Her best friend who is two years younger, has caught up with her in height. Again, this we noticed recently, over dinner.

Upon hearing our comments on her height, Arrow #3 pouted… and announced that she wants to grow taller.

I told her that it’s because she doesn’t sleep enough – did you know that the growth hormones kick in when you sleep? She hardly sleeps because she has so many activities going on!

But she will not give up on her many interests! Ah! she’ll be asking for hgh supplements if I am not careful!