Civic Duty

For a few weeks now, I have noticed this wet patch each time I happen to pass by. I don’t always pass this way. But each time of late, when I do, I notice this area is wet – rain, sun or shine.

I decided that there had to be a leak. So I sent a text to a friend who worked there, telling her my suspicions. She said she would look into it.

Then I decided to take a closer look myself. Look at the puddle I found at the base of the tree!

I am surprised that no one has brought it up before….! I dont know if you can see it from this shot, but the red leaved plants on the left are much taller than the ones on the right… and you can see the wet patches there…. so obvious….

So glad I did my civic duty…. and not just to save water. But also because in general, we ought not waste water!

I saw the workmen there the very next time I passed by….

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