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Mega Fun


I took Arrow #3 to the movies the other day. More fun.

Actually, truth be told, she took me!

I was tired. I didn’t fancy doing anything like going to the movies. What I really wanted was a vacation – like a Branson vacation or something similar.

But as it turned out, the movie wasn’t too bad either.

The plot was interesting, the story line racy enough so that we didn’t realise time flew by so quickly.

Of course, that was only a  few hours’ movie. Now a vacation… that would need to be at least 2 weeks… yesssssss!

Fun and Friends


It was an invitation to dinner.

It was an invitation to dinner on a particularly busy day of the week.

It was an invitation to dinner on a day of the week which meant I didn’t need to rush home and supervise dinner.

What’s great too is that it was one of the yummiest home-cooked meals we have had among friends in a while. What a feast!

What’s even better is that the dinner was with good company.

I couldn’t decide which shot of the food to post here, so I opted to post my offering instead – a fruit platter! A cop-out I know, but honestly, every dish was so super nice!