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Handmade Hand Delivery


I screamed when I opened the old box. Hidden inside were these gems.

That hand? That’s the hand of the one who handmade and hand delivered it to our office. We could not resist snapping away in joy and awe and delight.

Such detailed workmanship. What a clever way to get the definition of leaves on the tree! She nearly put a star at the top but decided enough was enough.

Love how vibrant the colours are. She makes the fondant herself you know. I tell her it’s because she has lots of practice with playdough.

Such an eye for colour. Who would have thought that these simple designs would show up so well?

Look at these. The amazing colour combination. Why, even the white cup cake holder is part of the design!

Isn’t this fella cheerful? So much detail put into him!

Needless to say, it was rather difficult to decide who should get which cupcake.

So we decided to draw lots.

And I drew this one. Well, actually, I didn’t draw it. I let everyone else take their turn and this is what I was left with.

I like it. My little teddy bear now sits on the dry kitchen table, waiting for Arrow #3 to come back from youth gathering so that we can have it together…. it’s actually almost too nice to eat. And certainly too sweet to have too much of… but together… yeah!

Thank you dear friend, for thinking of us enough not just to bake and make and decorate, but also to bring them in….

Now to reconcile devouring this gem with my weight loss regime… I am losing this battle….

Powerful Stuff!


Powerful stuff these.

They’re called rum balls.

Made by a friend who’s a chef, he shared some of the ingredients with me. And of course, rum is one of them.

Because they are not cooked, the rum is still much in the yummy balls served. Which means you can get “high” on a few of them.

Which is what happened to one of my friends last night!

He had three of them and started behaving like he had had some testosterone supplements instead!

Needless to say, he made a bit of a fool of himself while the rest of us stayed away from the dining table!