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Alternative Holiday Plans


I have some friends who would rather run away for Christmas. It’s too much for them.

But hotels? “Yucks!” they say. Everything is so sanitised, the rooms are often small – it’s hard to relax, stretch and chill out without spending megabucks.

Which is why my friends are searching for outer banks or the like. They say these are so much more attractive – no crowds and no obnoxious tourist gathers.

Which makes me consider doing the same – it’s quieter and more like home they say…. worth exploring!



With that Christmas gift in my last post, the “pressure” is on to start looking towards Christmas.

Well, we have a large compound and sometimes we have children coming over and we don’t have anything outdoors to occupy them with. Most parents are not game enough for their to explore the untamed jungles out in our backyard!

So I am thinking that a few  wooden swing sets would look ideal out the front yard. Can you imagine the fun they would have? In particular, when we gave a barbeque at the same time! Yes, such a good Christmas gift to myself!