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Macy’s Makes Me Mull


After seeing the video in my last post, I got wondering. What kind of logistics are involved with such an event? Hundreds of vocalists from diverse and many choir groups. The uniting factor must be music!

I also wondered how the shop Macy’s handled this. In the video, I saw a couple cameras but overall I would have thought it would be rather conspicuous to have people walking around with them. Some angles were from so high up, I wonder if footage from security cameras was spliced in. Some cameras take such high resolution images that they could easily be used.

I also wonder if such an event could possibly be held here.

And I wonder about the logistics for THAT! Mulling, brewing, wondering….

Flash Mob in Macy’s


A friend sent me this link. Moved me so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s one of my favourite songs.

Many years ago when we lived in London, we joined the All Souls Langham Place for Christmas.

There, my dream to be a part of a choir to sing this wonderful piece of music came to pass. Even though I sang one part wrongly, the memory of that evening will always stay with me. The voices all around reverberating through the Cathedral as everyone sang for the audience of One!