Disseminating Information

How do you organise an event like the Flash Mob of singing at Macy’s? It has to be quick. It has to be simple. It has to be wide reaching. And yet secretly.

This makes me think about Wal Mart, K Mart, Amazons and eBay. All household names for buying things that one needs.

But there’s a difference.

Wal Mart and K Mart are traditional bricks and mortar businesses where one go to see, touch and feel before one buys.

Amazons and eBay however, sell their products without traditional buildings and check out lines. One buys things through the internet! They want the information out to the masses!

Increasingly that seems to be the way more and more businesses are being conducted nowadays. Even traditional retailers are beginning to enter into ecommerce. (That’s what it’s called) You too can start a ecommerce business but first you must create a web page and get an ecommerce web hosting. I suppose you could say that having a web page and web hosting is what a building is for traditional business.

Yes, the Macy’s event would have required similar technology, but in contrast, they would not want the information leaked out prematurely.

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