I am lying in bed right now.

It’s not for a good reason.

When I was packing up to go home earlier, I had sudden stomach cramps. I just about made it to the toilet in time before I had a bad case of the runs.

Crawling back home, I tried to be brave and sat up for a bit but succumbed and am now pampering and nursing myself.

Earlier I sent a text out to some of my friends who were at lunch with me to find out if they had the bug as well. I said, “Just wonder did anyone else get diarrhoea today? I’ve just had the runs…. bad one too”.

To which one replied, “Nope been running around in pretty fluid motion but no runs!” Groan! But I did have to smile!

I suppose this is one way to lose weight! Though I’d rather have some phentermine diet pills instead! I feel pretty awful right now. Glad for some rice water to keep me going!


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