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Quick Fix


Previously when I had problems with this laptop, I was told how much it would cost to fix it. It’s primary problem was the keyboard.

Then after I found out the cost, I was told that it would take weeks before the parts came.

Somewhat discouraged, I decided to pay a small amount and install an external keyboard.

Hence my laptop became a two-layered one.

It worked to a certain extent. If I wanted to plug it into an LCD projector, the external keyboard would not work.

Somewhat frustrating was that I would have to interchange the keyboards just to get some work done.

Then recently I felt it was time to try to resurrect the laptop. It was time to make inquiries into fixing it up again.

Much to my delight, Hubby and I came across a nice place who not only sold the keyboard and was in stock, they changed it there and then and fixed up some other bugs!

So now, my old laptop is almost like new! Yaaaay!