I am sad.

It’s not often I am sad.

But I am now.

My camera had died.

Well, to be more precise – the LCD display has died. I like my camera. It has been with me for what, two years? I take it everywhere with me. It’s a point-and-shoot one and can zoom in really close to the food I eat, and yet snap a quick one from a distance – when I remember to hold it steady enough. It’s given me such wonderful memories.

And now I cant see to take pictures.

And I can’t decide what to do. Do I replace it? Do I repair it…..

In this time of indecision, I remain sad….


3 Responses to “Died”

  1. M Chen Says:

    em, i might have bought extended warranty. check receipt etc if u can find it. if not let me take it to senQ


  2. Fancy Speaking French « Metamor4Sis Says:

    […] cameras. Hubby and he were discussing my sad state of a spoiled digital point-and-shoot camera (see earlier post!) One day, perhaps, this Chinese tongue will be able to wax lyrical in this foreign tongue. […]


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