Senses Stimulated

I was supposed to collect some documents.

Before I reached the entrance, I was already impressed by what I saw. Clean, crisp exterior. The glass facade was unstained and obviously of good quality.

I opened the door and immediately two things happened – I heard one of my favorite Christmas carols playing and I detected a lovely fragrance in the air. Lemon grass, I believe it was. This delightful scent wafted around my head, playing hide and seek, one moment there and disappearing at the next. What a lovely greeting.

An interesting display caught my eye as I walked towards the desk to ask for the documents. So this was the source of the aroma!

I made my request and the lady at the desk replied – with crystal like clarity Queen’s English. What joy! She not only spoke good English, she understood and preempted my errand, handing me the documents even before I finished my sentence.

As I took the package, signed for it, it dawned on me that in one short visit, all my five sense had been stimulated! Cleverly done to create the desired atmosphere. An interesting experience and observation worthwhile sharing as I walked the six steps or so back towards the door to leave, pausing only to snap that picture above…..

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