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Disseminating Information


How do you organise an event like the Flash Mob of singing at Macy’s? It has to be quick. It has to be simple. It has to be wide reaching. And yet secretly.

This makes me think about Wal Mart, K Mart, Amazons and eBay. All household names for buying things that one needs.

But there’s a difference.

Wal Mart and K Mart are traditional bricks and mortar businesses where one go to see, touch and feel before one buys.

Amazons and eBay however, sell their products without traditional buildings and check out lines. One buys things through the internet! They want the information out to the masses!

Increasingly that seems to be the way more and more businesses are being conducted nowadays. Even traditional retailers are beginning to enter into ecommerce. (That’s what it’s called) You too can start a ecommerce business but first you must create a web page and get an ecommerce web hosting. I suppose you could say that having a web page and web hosting is what a building is for traditional business.

Yes, the Macy’s event would have required similar technology, but in contrast, they would not want the information leaked out prematurely.

Macy’s Makes Me Mull


After seeing the video in my last post, I got wondering. What kind of logistics are involved with such an event? Hundreds of vocalists from diverse and many choir groups. The uniting factor must be music!

I also wondered how the shop Macy’s handled this. In the video, I saw a couple cameras but overall I would have thought it would be rather conspicuous to have people walking around with them. Some angles were from so high up, I wonder if footage from security cameras was spliced in. Some cameras take such high resolution images that they could easily be used.

I also wonder if such an event could possibly be held here.

And I wonder about the logistics for THAT! Mulling, brewing, wondering….

Flash Mob in Macy’s


A friend sent me this link. Moved me so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s one of my favourite songs.

Many years ago when we lived in London, we joined the All Souls Langham Place for Christmas.

There, my dream to be a part of a choir to sing this wonderful piece of music came to pass. Even though I sang one part wrongly, the memory of that evening will always stay with me. The voices all around reverberating through the Cathedral as everyone sang for the audience of One!

Alternative Holiday Plans


I have some friends who would rather run away for Christmas. It’s too much for them.

But hotels? “Yucks!” they say. Everything is so sanitised, the rooms are often small – it’s hard to relax, stretch and chill out without spending megabucks.

Which is why my friends are searching for outer banks or the like. They say these are so much more attractive – no crowds and no obnoxious tourist gathers.

Which makes me consider doing the same – it’s quieter and more like home they say…. worth exploring!



With that Christmas gift in my last post, the “pressure” is on to start looking towards Christmas.

Well, we have a large compound and sometimes we have children coming over and we don’t have anything outdoors to occupy them with. Most parents are not game enough for their to explore the untamed jungles out in our backyard!

So I am thinking that a few  wooden swing sets would look ideal out the front yard. Can you imagine the fun they would have? In particular, when we gave a barbeque at the same time! Yes, such a good Christmas gift to myself!

Handmade Hand Delivery


I screamed when I opened the old box. Hidden inside were these gems.

That hand? That’s the hand of the one who handmade and hand delivered it to our office. We could not resist snapping away in joy and awe and delight.

Such detailed workmanship. What a clever way to get the definition of leaves on the tree! She nearly put a star at the top but decided enough was enough.

Love how vibrant the colours are. She makes the fondant herself you know. I tell her it’s because she has lots of practice with playdough.

Such an eye for colour. Who would have thought that these simple designs would show up so well?

Look at these. The amazing colour combination. Why, even the white cup cake holder is part of the design!

Isn’t this fella cheerful? So much detail put into him!

Needless to say, it was rather difficult to decide who should get which cupcake.

So we decided to draw lots.

And I drew this one. Well, actually, I didn’t draw it. I let everyone else take their turn and this is what I was left with.

I like it. My little teddy bear now sits on the dry kitchen table, waiting for Arrow #3 to come back from youth gathering so that we can have it together…. it’s actually almost too nice to eat. And certainly too sweet to have too much of… but together… yeah!

Thank you dear friend, for thinking of us enough not just to bake and make and decorate, but also to bring them in….

Now to reconcile devouring this gem with my weight loss regime… I am losing this battle….

Powerful Stuff!


Powerful stuff these.

They’re called rum balls.

Made by a friend who’s a chef, he shared some of the ingredients with me. And of course, rum is one of them.

Because they are not cooked, the rum is still much in the yummy balls served. Which means you can get “high” on a few of them.

Which is what happened to one of my friends last night!

He had three of them and started behaving like he had had some testosterone supplements instead!

Needless to say, he made a bit of a fool of himself while the rest of us stayed away from the dining table!

In Desperation`


I am doomed.

I will be if I continue along these lines.

We baked. Brownies. Chocolaty and rich. Sweet and yummy.


Need to lose the extras, but how?

I need something drastic. I need something powerful. I need something that can take off pounds in days. I need something like Lipofuze! Worth checking out…. especially with Christmas just over a month away and the gym seemingly even further away.

Consequences – Worth It?


I have been eating and eating and eating. Taking Arrow #3 out for lunches which I would normally not take.

Why even this refreshing drink I had recently adds to my weight woes.

So rich. So wickedly rich.

So much so that my pants are getting tight. Tight at the thighs and at the waist.

Christmas is coming and I really need to find the fastest ways to lose bellyfat. Otherwise how can I get into nice clothes…. Sigh…

Howling Happenings


The weather, even as I type this, is totally unlike the norm.

It’s more than blustery. It’s closer to a tropical storm.

The wind is howling as it whips around our house. The speeds is exaggerated as it hits the slope at the bottom of the garden and whirls upwards towards our house. Most days and nights see us using just the fans. Tonight however, we will be huddled under one, if not two, blankets.

I wonder if there is a typhoon in the Philippines. They don’t call this the land below the wind for nothing.