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Talk about Changes!


Shortly after I post the earlier email about resolutions and changes, I find out that someone I know is making a big change in her life!

So big, in fact, that she is going to move far away from home!

She’s been working various jobs in this city but has finally decided that in order to make more progress, and at a faster rate, she would have to go to a bigger place. So, she has decided to get another job in another city. A finance job to be precise.

I wish her well though I must say I don’t think I could do what she is going to do! I am a dud for figures! All the best PB!



The new year is approaching. As expected, people make resolutions.

Some would be impossible to keep, to be broken within a week or a month.

Some, a little more realistic might last a few more months.

It’s not until one keeps at it for six weeks at least that it truly becomes part of one’s lifestyle.

So what are the changes you plan to make in your life?



Presently I have with me two lots of guests – one lot of two and another lot of four. That makes twelve of us including my domestic help.

Tonight, another six will descend on us and bring the total to eighteen.

I am thinking of purchasing more mattresses and pillows to cope! I have people sleeping in the bedrooms, halls, and even my daughter moving in with Hubby and I!

This is nothing short of an invasion!

But this sort of invasion I like! Haha! It has been said that it’s the people that make a house a home. I couldn’t agree more. More!

Not Quite But Still Nice!


It was so sweet of her. She had spent time surreptitiously hiding from me so it would not be discovered. After all, she wanted the best for me though she needed my help. Resorting to spy-like maneuvers, she gave all sorts of excuses to be far away from me, out of sight, so she could make her purchase.

Then on Christmas morn, or rather during the wee hours after Christmas Eve, she happily and proudly presented me the little gift, wrapped in paper she had taken from my study.

Ear-rings! Lovely gold coloured ones. Of course she couldn’t afford the real thing. Nor would she be able to get diamond stud earrings and the like, but you know, it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter one bit.

Just the look on her face when I opened the gift, ooh-ed over it and then even put them on…. that was good enough for me. So yes, though not quite, but still very definitely a nice gift!

A Surprise Perhaps?


Remember all that talk between Hubby and our friend Jean? They were whispering amongst themselves and I could hear phrases such as Caméscopes numériques coming from Jean so it made me suspicious that Hubby was going to get me something to replace my trusty camera, and that he was asking Jean. Did I mention that Jean is a whizz with this as his hobby?

So even though it is a little late – it’s already Christmas Day – I am hopeful of a surprise because my birthday is not far way!

Waiting Anxiously


Received this text in my mobile earlier today.

I can imagine the tension of the father.

I can recall the pain for the mother.

I know what it is like to be anxious that everything would go right.

So that later the men can pull out their cigars and celebrate! Ha! Ha!

Mixed Feelings


It’s the second last meeting.

After almost 10 months of being together on and off, the group that has been meeting weekly in our house is going to have two more meetings. One in less than half and hour. The other next week.

It has not been an easy ten months. At times, there was tension because I would get home from work tired and unprepared. Other times, even Hubby would be stretched at work and we’d be tense with each other. Yet, each time, things have gone smoothly and always amazingly, each one is blessed. Lesson there? Don’t fuss so much. Yes, be prepared. But if you are not, it’s ok so long as you do your best.

Having said that, the good times have outweighed the bad, especially when we see how each person has grown over the year, developing their character, personality, and most of all inner strength and relationships.

So tonight we will talk about the year end and how things will be next year.

I wonder how it will be. Perhaps there will be more mixed feelings next week instead. We shall see…..

It’s That Time of the Year


I am scratching my head often. What with all the things to do at work, children flying home, family gatherings, friends coming over, children’s friends coming over, days off to juggle….. at times I am amazed my brain is still in one piece, and my sanity along with it!

Over the next few days, I will have more guests over for dinner than I have had in a long, long time. Each group comes along with its own peculiarities and uniqueness. But one common denominator is fooooooood and gifts.

One group will have a gift exchange after dinner. Another group will have a white elephant kind of gift giving after dinner.

There’s the love-a-sing-a-long ensemble and a serious-discussion-over-coffee-always group. And I mustn’t forget the fruits-for-dessert gang and the brownies-and-cakes-post-dinner-delights crowd.

There’s the multiple-generation-and-diverse-age mixture on one day, and another one it’s more homogeneous.

Are you feeling tired yet?

So am I….. It’s THAT time of the year…

But I love it!

An Occasion to Wear It!


All the colour I have been seeing because of the Joseph production.

All that flowing material, wafted up and down during the finale.

Makes me think about the sarees I have. I have quite a number. And I have my favourites.

I was pondering when would be the next occasion when I would be able to slip one on. Then I read my friend’s post about her recent outing in her sari! So nice!

But alas, I can’t think of any occasion where I can wear mine…. not without drawing tons of attention! Imagine a Chinese woman wearing a sari… and a fair skinned one too! Yes, I will get a lot of comments!

So I am left wondering for the time being….

No Joy


Hubby took my little point-and-shoot to the shop. Alas, the warranty is over and they will charge just to look at it! Bother!

He is now going to try another shop – direct to their service centre – and hope they would have better news!

Otherwise….. Christmas shopping has just become more urgent than expected!!!