The End is but the Beginning

Twelve practices over three months by the cast.

Five practices over a month by the children’s choir.


Five performances over four days.

An amazing time. Sold out performances.

It has all finally come to an end.

Some don’t know what to do with themselves at the moment! They post on Facebook about their post production syndrome. They sing lines from the songs still. Waking hours still hold echoes of the catchy tunes and lyrics. Mentally, replays of the events creep in unbidden.

But even though the production is over, something else has begun.

Many new and strong friendships, forged through sweat, and yes, even tears. Many lasting bonds and heightened respect for one another.

Most of all, a deep appreciation of the One Who brought it all about.

And that is what this Christmas will be all about. Even as they continue their journeys together and apart, this Christmas will be special because it was the one where a significant milestone in their individual and corporate lives was established.

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