Fancy Speaking French

Hubby has a friend who is from France. Genuinely so. It is fun to hear him talking English. It’s really sweet but also makes me want to break out in giggles. Not very polite, I know, but hey, I am being honest!

Conversely, this is all the French I know: Jetaime, Oui, Merci… Haha!

Frenchman Jean’s name isn’t said as the English equivalent lady’s name. Rather, it is spoken as the English John! Confusing! Hubby often wonders what Frenchman Jean thinks about his Chinese accented English.

The best though, is listening to Jean speak French. It sounds so dignified when he says Caméscopes numériques. It rolls off his tongue so silkily. By the way, that phrase means digital camcorders. Hubby and he were discussing my sad state of a spoiled digital point-and-shoot camera (see earlier post a week ago) One day, perhaps, this Chinese tongue will be able to wax lyrical in this foreign tongue. Meanwhile I must try to convince these two men that a replacement gadget would be in order for my Christmas present!

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