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Mixed Feelings


It’s the second last meeting.

After almost 10 months of being together on and off, the group that has been meeting weekly in our house is going to have two more meetings. One in less than half and hour. The other next week.

It has not been an easy ten months. At times, there was tension because I would get home from work tired and unprepared. Other times, even Hubby would be stretched at work and we’d be tense with each other. Yet, each time, things have gone smoothly and always amazingly, each one is blessed. Lesson there? Don’t fuss so much. Yes, be prepared. But if you are not, it’s ok so long as you do your best.

Having said that, the good times have outweighed the bad, especially when we see how each person has grown over the year, developing their character, personality, and most of all inner strength and relationships.

So tonight we will talk about the year end and how things will be next year.

I wonder how it will be. Perhaps there will be more mixed feelings next week instead. We shall see…..