Not Quite But Still Nice!

It was so sweet of her. She had spent time surreptitiously hiding from me so it would not be discovered. After all, she wanted the best for me though she needed my help. Resorting to spy-like maneuvers, she gave all sorts of excuses to be far away from me, out of sight, so she could make her purchase.

Then on Christmas morn, or rather during the wee hours after Christmas Eve, she happily and proudly presented me the little gift, wrapped in paper she had taken from my study.

Ear-rings! Lovely gold coloured ones. Of course she couldn’t afford the real thing. Nor would she be able to get diamond stud earrings and the like, but you know, it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter one bit.

Just the look on her face when I opened the gift, ooh-ed over it and then even put them on…. that was good enough for me. So yes, though not quite, but still very definitely a nice gift!

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